Monthly Archive: February 2015

XTerm Color Schemes

… about changing the xterm colors … see Another nice “theme”: is here

Hello World With (Letter) O And (Digit) 0 Only!

A while ago I tried to solve this programming puzzle in forth. Look what happened:

Secure /wp-admin/ With NginX

If your nginx config has a php rule like this:

Then you need to add a rule like that before ? the rule above:

in order for the login file being processed by php and not be downloaded…

Code Generators

I like code generators for prototyping. Probably the best way is to use python’s jinja2 as templating language and something like yaml for config… Anyway, the code generator works by assembling a shell script with commands to be executed and…
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Find Files Changed Within The Last X Days, Recursive

You can find files that have been changed within the last X days like this:

Just replace the X with the number of days. To pack these files right here do a:

This is especially useful if you’ve…
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