Installing LXC with Libvirt and Dnsmasq in Debian

Configure a domain mapping for your new container in┬ádnsmasq (/etc/dnsmasq.d/<vmname>.conf) local=/<domain>/ address=/<domain>/ Install lxc and libvirt apt-get update apt-get install lxc libvirt-bin Create a container lxc-create -n vm1 -t debian — -r jessie # note the password given to the…
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Shell Script To Create Self Signed SSL-Certificates In Various Formats

Shell Menues

Here is a python class to create such shell menues:

Use it like that:

The output and thus the returned values will be something like:

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Find Files Changed Within The Last X Days, Recursive

You can find files that have been changed within the last X days like this:

Just replace the X with the number of days. To pack these files right here do a:

This is especially useful if you’ve…
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